Pacheco Community Meeting #2

September 5th, 6:30–8:30 PM

Thank you to the five community members who attended the second Pacheco community meeting as part of Envision Contra Costa 2040! This group represented small business owners in the community, providing a new perspective about their vision for the community. Dialogued flowed in an open discussion with staff, and the following ideas developed:

  • Support and sustain the existing business community in Pacheco.
  • Update zoning and land use designations to reflect existing businesses that have been in operation for a number of years and have long-term plans to stay on their existing sites.
  • Avoid further regulation of the built environment with design guidelines or other County requirements.
  • Increase law enforcement’s presence throughout the community.
  • Utilize Pacheco’s convenient central location to promote economic development on major thoroughfares, such as the Pacheco Boulevard and Center Avenue intersection.
  • Beautify Pacheco Boulevard, including wider sidewalks, more landscaping, and better lighting. Consider limiting on-street parking.
  • Provide wayfinding signage for bicyclists along Pacheco Boulevard and Blum Road.
  • Create kid-friendly bike routes and infrastructure to promote safe outdoor activity.
  • Coordinate with both Pleasant Hill and Martinez to ensure land use conformity across community boundaries.
  • Continue to support Buchanan Field Airport as part of the community.

Thanks to all who provided input. To engage online, visit the website and stay tuned for future County meetings.

The meeting presentation can be found here.

The draft guiding principles are available here.

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