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Draft Contra Costa County Climate Action Plan 2024 Update

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We are excited to announce the release of the Public Review Draft of the Contra Costa County Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2024 Update. The 2024 CAP is the County’s strategic plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ultimately achieving net-neutral emissions by 2045, and to adapt to changing climate conditions, such as heat, flooding, droughts, and wildfires, in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Your feedback has been the driving force behind our Draft 2024 CAP. We’ve held over 125 meetings with community members, advocates, stakeholders, and officials. This collaborative effort, including over 50 community meetings and over 20 with community-based organizations, has shaped our shared vision. Now, as we near the final stages, we invite you to explore our work and ensure it reflects our collective aspirations for Contra Costa County’s future.

Review and comment on the plan by clicking here. Comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM, April 8th.

Other ways to have your say: submit comments directly to email@envisioncontracosta2040.org or attend one of the upcoming meetings. Check our meeting schedule for details.

After you provide your feedback, we’ll carefully review and consider your input to refine the final Contra Costa County 2024 CAP, ensuring it reflects our collective vision for the future. Thank you for your contribution to this collaborative effort. Together, we’re building a better future for Contra Costa County.

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