Envision Contra Costa 2040

Diablo Community Meeting

June 18th, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Thank you to all the community members from Diablo who provided input as part of Envision Contra Costa 2040! We also want to thank the Diablo Country Club for their hospitality and the community members who joined the historic tour of Diablo beforehand. Over 60 people attended the meeting and shared a range of opinions and perspectives, which fostered a constructive conversation about the issues facing Diablo residents. Some themes emerging from the conversations included:

  • Preserve the individualism and country character of the community.
  • Support Diablo’s historic character, country club, and post office.
  • Generally, leave the community as is and minimize government regulations.
  • Consider a local role in decision making processes, especially related to historic designations and regulations.
  • Address issues with traffic and speeding along Diablo Road and bicycle cut-through traffic on private streets.
  • Prepare an evacuation/emergency plan for fires and earthquakes.
  • Underground PG&E powerlines.

We noted varying opinions on how the Historic District designation affects properties. While most seem to agree that less County intervention is better, those more supportive of the Historic District designation also valued the County’s authority to stop demolition or significant alteration of historic buildings.

Be sure to check back into the website often for upcoming meetings and more feedback opportunities!

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